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Ben Garmoe of UMBC Mock Trial and Drew Evans of Haverford Mock Trial discuss and debate anything and everything connected to mock trial.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 57: In-Person Mock Trial is Back* (with Riya Lakkaraju)

    After a short hiatus while Drew survives 1L, The Mock Review is back! Ben and Drew are joined by Riya Lakkaraju of Emory Mock Trial for a full report on how in-person mock trial looks right now. Riya discusses competing in a mask while Ben reports from the virtual season. ...


  2. Episode 56: State of Midlands v. Dakota Sutcliffe (with Neal Schuett)

    Criminal Case Committee Chair Neal Schuett returns to the show to discuss the 2021-22 case, State of Midlands v. Dakota Sutcliffe. Neal answers questions about the origins of the arson charge and the retrial aspect, why the defendant isn't testifying, and how the committee prepared for the possibility of a ...


  3. Episode 55: 2021 Board Meeting Rundown

    Ben was present in Denver for the 2021 AMTA Board of Directors meeting, and in this episode Ben and Drew break down what happened at that meeting. Ben goes through what was discussed during the Tournament Administration Committee (TAC) meeting, how AMTA reached their decision on the format for the ...


  4. Episode 54: 2021 Trial by Combat Champion Audrey Shepard

    Drew and Ben are joined by 2021 Trial by Combat Champion Audrey Shepard of UCLA Mock Trial. Audrey goes through her high school Gladiator championship, her time competing in AMTA at Moorpark Community College, what it was like to transfer to UCLA, and her entire experience preparing for, competing at, and ...


  5. Episode 53: In-Person or Online Next Season? (Board Meeting Preview)

    With the board meeting set for next weekend, Ben and Drew spoke to two different programs to give perspective from both sides of the discussion about the competition format for next season. First, Ben and Drew are joined by coaches Beth Georgian and Matt Thornburg from the University of South ...