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Ben Garmoe of UMBC Mock Trial and Drew Evans of Haverford Mock Trial discuss and debate anything and everything connected to mock trial.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 12: Regionals Analysis, Week One

    On the newest episode of The Mock Review, Ben and Drew go Regional by Regional to discuss all the results from the first week of AMTA competition. Juniata College President Haley Walker joins the podcast to discuss her program's cinderella bid to ORCS out of State College, and Ben and ...


  2. Episode 11: Stanford Mock Trial (with Thom Scher and Jack Seigenthaler)

    Editor's note: this episode was recorded back in mid-December but took a few weeks to finish due to some editing challenges. On the latest episode of The Mock Review, Ben and Drew are joined by Thom Scher and Jack Seigenthaler of Stanford Mock Trial to break down the case changes, ...


  3. Episode 10: Regional Tournament Assignments (with Adam Detsky)

    On the latest episode, Ben and Drew are joined by AMTA Team and Feeder Subcommittee Chair Adam Detsky. Adam breaks down the 2018 Regional Tournament assignments, and discusses how he and his committee go about placing 700+ teams into Regional sites around the country. Adam goes in-depth on the committee's ...


  4. Episode 9: But It Actually Updates

    Content Warning: The first 12 minutes of this episode discuss the death of Alaina Housley and the issue of gun violence more broadly. The remaining portion of the episode begins at 12:02. On this week's episode, Ben and Drew discuss more fall tournament results, including the Black Squirrel Invitational, and ...


  5. Episode 8: Early Season Review

    On the latest episode of The Mock Review, Ben and Drew take a closer look at some early-season results and how they might predict how the rest of the season will unfold. Ben and Drew also discuss what they've seen so far at different tournaments with how Midlands Television Studios ...