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Ben Garmoe of UMBC Mock Trial and Drew Evans of Haverford Mock Trial discuss and debate anything and everything connected to mock trial.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 31: 2020 Trial by Combat Preview, Part One

    In part one of our 2020 Trial by Combat preview series, Ben and Drew are joined by two 2020 TBC competitors: Regina Campbell of Chicago and Sonali Mehta of Duke. Regina was accompanied by witness Peter Bound, and they discussed Chicago's mock trial program, the disappointment of not finishing the ...


  2. Episode 30: A Mock Trial Roundtable (with Nat Warner)

    For this episode, Ben and Drew try something different. Nat Warner of Wesleyan joined the show for a roundtable discussion on a wide variety of topics, including the possibility of finishing the 2020 season online, the new ORCS pairing system and how Nat and Ben experienced it during ORCS this ...


  3. Episode 29: AMTA Tabulation Director Johnathan Woodward

    American Mock Trial Association (AMTA) Tabulation Director Johnathan Woodward spoke with Ben and Drew for a wide-ranging conversation about mock trial, including his thoughts on the new ORCS pairing system, some examples of the best calls he's gotten from AMTA Representatives during competition season, how AMTA pairing and tabulation systems ...


  4. Episode 28: The College Mock Trial Online Championship (with Justin Bernstein)

    Friend of the pod Justin Bernstein returns to talk with Ben and Drew about the College Mock Trial Online Championship, a recent competition hosted by UCLA Law School. Justin breaks down the origins of the idea, how the scoring and judging worked, what interesting trends he saw in the scoring ...


  5. Episode 27: Winning Objections: A Mock Trial Guidebook

    On the latest episode, authors Brian Pilchik, Amanda Mundell and Emily Miller join Drew and Ben to discuss their book, Winning Objections: A Mock Trial Guidebook. The authors go through how the idea for the book was hatched, their writing and editing process, why the book is structured the way ...