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Ben Garmoe of UMBC Mock Trial and Drew Evans of Haverford Mock Trial discuss and debate anything and everything connected to mock trial.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 23: Regionals Analysis, Weeks One and Two

    Ben and Drew break down the results of the first two weeks of Regionals, except for the west coast Regionals on week two. (Those results weren't out yet at the time we recorded this episode.) ...


  2. Episode 22: Holiday Mailbag!

    Just in time for that holiday car ride, Ben and Drew answer listener questions submitted via email, Facebook, Twitter, and the new Impeachments forum. Topics include top teams and competitors on the circuit this year, how to transition from high school to college mock trial, how to build a program ...


  3. Episode 21: State of Midlands v. Jordan Ryder (with Neal Schuett)

    "I'm so sorry this happned [that we were gone for so long]" "It's all my fault [that we didn't upload sooner]" We promise we're not gone, we were just (missing). Thanks for following in Jordan Ryder's footsteps and never calling the police. Criminal Case Committee Neal Schuett joins Ben and Drew to talk ...


  4. Episode 20: The 2019 National Final Round (with Iain Lampert)

    On the latest episode, Ben and Drew break down the 2019 National Final Round between Rhodes and Yale, where Yale was eventually stripped of their national title. Iain Lampert, two-time national champion at UCLA and 2019 final round judge joins the podcast to go through his analysis of what he ...


  5. Episode 19: Two National Champions*

    While this year was a bit tougher to pull off a "Two National Champions" episode, Ben and Drew do their best. On the latest Mock Review episode, the hosts discuss Trial by Combat with the 2019 champion, Stephen Johnson. Ben and Drew are also joined by "member of the team ...