Episode 53: In-Person or Online Next Season? (Board Meeting Preview)

Episode 53 July 07, 2021 00:56:55
Episode 53: In-Person or Online Next Season? (Board Meeting Preview)
The Mock Review with Ben and Drew
Episode 53: In-Person or Online Next Season? (Board Meeting Preview)

Jul 07 2021 | 00:56:55


Show Notes

With the board meeting set for next weekend, Ben and Drew spoke to two different programs to give perspective from both sides of the discussion about the competition format for next season.

First, Ben and Drew are joined by coaches Beth Georgian and Matt Thornburg from the University of South Carolina Aiken. Beth and Matt discuss why they reached out to AMTA to ask for the 2022 season to be virtual, how their team operates with limited resources and several non-traditional students, and why they think AMTA should require COVID vaccines regardless of the competition format. 

Then Vice-President of External Affairs Bret Berry of the University of Tennessee, Knoxville joins the show to discuss why his program contacted AMTA and asked for the 2022 season to be in-person. Bret goes through their concerns of losing institutional knowledge if the 2022 season is virtual and how he thinks either way AMTA needs to provide guidance on how next season is going to look. 

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