The Mock Review with Ben and Drew

--- Ben Garmoe and Drew Evans ---

Ben Garmoe of UMBC Mock Trial and Drew Evans of Haverford Mock Trial discuss and debate anything and everything connected to mock trial.

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Latest Episodes…

  1. Episode 26: Hosting and Postponing a National Championship (with Devon Holstad)

    Drew and Ben discuss hosting and postponing the 2020 National Championship Tournament with Devon Holstad, a coach and former competitor at Loyola Chicago. Devon goes through the planning process for hosting an NCT, how things have been behind the scenes since the COVID-19 pandemic developed to the point where the ...


  2. Episode 25: ORCS Analysis, Week One

    Drew and Ben break down results from the first five ORCS: Cedar Rapids, Cincinnati, Geneva, Lancaster, and Santa Monica. They also discuss the latest developments in the COVID-19 pandemic since AMTA announced the postponement of all remaining tournaments last week. ...


  3. Emergency Podcast: AMTA Postpones the 2020 National Championship Tournament

    Ben and Drew discuss AMTA's decision to postpone the remaining 2020 ORCS and the 2020 National Championship Tournament due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Note: Ben recorded this episode remotely, so his audio quality is lower than normal. ...


  4. Episode 24: Regionals Analysis, Weeks Three and Four

    Note: this episode was recorded last week, before the first weekend of ORCS results were released. On this episode, Ben and Drew analyze all of the remaining Regionals results, including the two west coast Regionals from week two, and all of the Regionals for weeks three and four. ...


  5. Episode 23: Regionals Analysis, Weeks One and Two

    Ben and Drew break down the results of the first two weeks of Regionals, except for the west coast Regionals on week two. (Those results weren't out yet at the time we recorded this episode.) ...